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At the end of the module, you must fill in your contact information if you want the court to know that you have completed this module.

You can also fill out the confirmation if you think you may start the court process, but are not sure yet. The court will keep this record in case you start an application involving children within the next 12 months. For those who have a court application involving children, you must complete the confirmation form. The court will have no other way of knowing that you have done the module. If the court does not receive your confirmation, you may have to do the module again, or attend an in-person session. There may be consequences if you do not complete the Parent Information Program when you are required to do so.

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Note: if you are required to attend PIP, and have not attended an in-person session within the last year, you may be scheduled for an in-person session. Programme d'information pour les parents. The other party will be signed up for a different session — you will not attend together. You cannot bring your children to PIP with you.

Truro, Nova Scotia - Wikipedia

PIP is a mandatory program for most applications involving children, particularly where parenting arrangements custody and access, parenting time, or contact time are being addressed. When you attend an in-person PIP session, you will receive general information from trained volunteer facilitators about options for resolving disputes, the effects of parental conflict on children, and learn techniques for dealing with conflict without placing the children in the middle.

According to Nova Scotia Archives Records Management: "Civil registration of vital statistics began in Nova Scotia in with the introduction of procedures for obtaining a marriage licence; the procedure was optional and the surviving records are incomplete.

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Formalized registration of births, deaths and marriages began in and continued to , at which time record-keeping lapsed for births and deaths, but continued for marriages. Compliance was not universal during this period and there are gaps in the surviving records. Since 1 October , birth, death and marriage registrations have been collected and maintained continuously.

Criminal Justice

In Canada, census returns are closed for 92 years after the time of enumeration. Census returns prior to are rarely complete for any area, and the census returns for Annapolis County in did not survive. See also, Nova Scotia Church Records. If you're planning a visit to the library, you can search a portion of the catalogue online in advance as of July , 20, entries ; the remaining 50, titles are listed in the Archives Reading Room Card Catalogue, available onsite.

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Man, 40, jailed for luring Truro girl on internet

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