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What can such background checks reveal?
  1. The DUI Process
  2. Motor Vehicle Record Report (MVR)
  3. Texas Background Checks: What you need to know
  4. FMCSA Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)
  5. FMCSA Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

The standard scope is a 3-year driving record. A SSN Trace is included with this service. A State Criminal Record Database Search or Check is a search or check of a state court or state law enforcement agency criminal record database, respectively.

The DUI Process

A County Court Criminal Record Search is a search of felony and misdemeanor county court criminal records located at the county seat or central county courthouse, and are available from county courts located in over counties nationwide. The search depth is a 7-year search wherever records are available 7 years back or more.

Records found on the national search are compared to an address history of the applicant due to limited identifiers available on federal records. SSN trace is required. Background Checks.

Motor Vehicle Record Report (MVR)

Employment Verification Clearstar will verify your applicant's past employment, dates of employment, last position held, reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire. Such policies tend to discriminate against minorities, who are more likely to be arrested than white people. The EEOC might dictate you be less strict than looking at the past seven years. The background check may include information for the past seven years, but there may be situations where you should only review the past three or four years, and only be able to look for specific types of convictions.

Texas Background Checks: What you need to know

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Background Check Texas: Everything You Need to Know Background check Texas are sometimes required for employment or housing, but there are many other reasons for a person to undergo a background check. Vital Records If you need to access vital records, such as birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates, you can order them online or in person through the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pre-Employment Background Screening

Background and Criminal History Checks The governing agency you need to work with to obtain background and criminal history information is the Department of Public Safety. You only need the following information about the person you are searching for: Last, first and middle name Maiden name if applicable Date of Birth Social Security Number Texas Background Check: Reasons for a Background Check There are many different reasons you may need to obtain a background check on someone.

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FMCSA Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

Below are a few of the typical reasons: Employment Many Texas employers conduct background criminal history checks and sometimes credit checks as part of their regular onboarding process. Managers As background checks are important are for employees, they are even more important for managers that may have a higher level of access to money or assets of the company.

Renters As a landlord , you are temporarily entrusting your property to a renter. Caregivers Entrusting a stranger to provide care for your loved one can feel a little more comfortable if you have completed a thorough background check. As with most other states, the criminal records of minors are generally sealed in Texas.

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There are some exceptions to the information above, and the seven-year limit: Insurance Positions: If your employer is an insurance company, they may perform background checks that detail back to your eighteenth birthday. Residential delivery services: Employers must conduct background checks that include the last twenty years for felonies and the last ten years for misdemeanor convictions, theft offenses, and public indecency. This is for positions like UPS and FedEx drivers, as well as service technicians who visit residencies cable installer, the phone company, plumber, electrician.

How To Order Your Texas Driving Record -

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FMCSA Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

Include date ranges if applicable. We will work with you to narrow or clarify your request to locate the records you are seeking. Your request must be for records or information that already exists - the PIA does not require an agency to answer questions, perform legal research, or continue to provide records as they are created in the future.

By law, a request is considered to be received during regular business hours between 8 a.