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Two squares uses only studio grade audio equipment that is professionally maintained and tuned to ensure the best possible digitization quality. There are many cheap software programs available that claim to improve the quality of you digital recording by removing pops and hisses.

The hardware

But when it comes to purchasing post processing software, you definitely get what you pay for. Two Squares has the experience and professional grade software tools to provide you with the best possible conversion. Two Squares can convert the audio from a vinyl record to a set of MP3 files which can be copied to an iPod, iPhone, Android, computer, hard drive, or flash drive. No setup charge Flat price not dependent on record length Record cleaning included CD track insertion included.

Skip to content. Vinyl Record Handling Proper handling of old vinyl records is very important as vinyl is relatively easy to scratch and the vinyl itself builds up a static charge that attracts dust over time.

Audio Equipment There are low cost USB turntables available to consumers that connect to your computer that will yield a low quality capture, but a high quality conversion requires a high end turn table with a pressure controlled weight balanced armature and the appropriate needle selection for the album speed considering that not all record grooves are the same.

Instead, many shareware and freeware audio editors are available that will allow you to record, edit, and export your newly digitized audio to be burned to disc. A quick search online will produce hundreds of audio editors for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Audacity is free audio software that comes highly recommended. See my companion article Free Audio Software for other options. Convert vinyl to cd - Audacity audio software Most audio editors function in a similar manner.

Consult the manual or help screens of your preferred application for capabilities and specifics.

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Be sure that your audio software is set to record the incoming signal as a bit stereo. WAV or. AIF audio file with a sampling rate of It's also a good idea to clean the record that you are about to capture, removing as much dust and residue as possible in order to minimize noise. Once all the wires are connected and you've fired up your audio software, just press the Record in your editing program, drop the needle in the groove, then sit back to enjoy your seldom-heard recordings.

When playback is complete, stop the audio editor, at which point you will see a waveform display, serving as a visual representation of the audio signal. From here, you can keep the audio completely intact, perfectly mimicking the record itself, or you may choose to divide the recording into its constituent songs. The free Audacity can do track splitting, but it can be a bit tricky, and will require a lot of typing to enter the album, artist and song titles.

If you have a sizeable collection to convert, this will save you many hours of tedious labor. Commercial CD burning software such as Nero or Roxio will do the job as well.

How to Convert Vinyl Record to MP3

Some software also requires that you "finalize" the disc. This will ensure that your CD's are compatible with the majority of CD players. In addition, when choosing blank CD media, opt for high-quality, name brand discs; it would hardly be worth the energy if the entire process had to be repeated in just a few short years.

Getting your music collection in digital form, and having it available on your computer is good. But making sure your collection is safely backed up, easily portable, and available for listening on other devices is even better. You accomplish that by uploading your MP3 music files to cloud storage. One way is to use Google Play Music Manager.

How to Convert Vinyl Records to MP3 or FLAC - Tech Advisor

You can keep up to 50, songs in Google Play for free, and listen on the web or your mobile devices. This file sharing service lets you stash up to 20 GB of music files online, and access them on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or via a web browser. It's Guaranteed to Make You Smarter Posted by: Lucy 01 Mar I recommend if you are looking for a turntable you check out Estate Sales or a Charity Thrift Goodwill always seem to have a great selection of electronics.

The shipping cost can double the price if you buy online from eBay. I noticed last year that LP's that sellers couldn't even give away previously are now selling at a premium. I often see a group of younger folk sitting crossed legged on the floor passing around LP collections, occasionally excitedly waving one in the air! They do seem to be fashionable again! Posted by: Renaud Olgiati 01 Mar Posted by: RandiO 01 Mar How very nostalgic Thank you! Posted by: Cold City 01 Mar Great to have vinyl to digital, but MP3 and CD quality is poor compared to vinyl.

It should be at least DVD quality. Deutsch Grammophon sells even classical music in BluRay format. It would be nice to have a discussion in view of the audio quality of conversion. Of course if the intent is to have background music, MP3 and CD quality is good enough.

Posted by: Cameron 01 Mar Perhaps a headphone amp too, if you're very lucky. Assuming you have a computer, you need some recording software. There are many options on the market, some specifically designed for recording vinyl.

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There are also powerful editing functions to help optimise the recording. A more affordable alternative is VinylStudio. For many people, even this may be a step too far. At first the interface looks pretty complicated, and some of the editing functions take a while to figure out, but spend some time getting familiar with it and it works well.

Vinyl Records to Digital and CD

Before you start recording, make sure your deck is working optimally. Check your cartridge too. Is the tip free of fluff? Are the tracking force and bias adjusted correctly? These simple things can help produce a better-sounding recording.