How do i find comcast ip address

Log In To Your Comcast Xfinity Router - Or Reset?
  1. Is there a way that you can change your Comcast IP address
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  3. The public (external) IP address.
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  5. IP address problem with Comcast Wireless Gateway

Although it's not supposed to be Static for all intents and purposes it's not uncommon to keep the same WAN IP for an extended period. I sometimes have seen the same one for perhaps 2 years at a time. The only time mine changes is if there is work or expansion done on the Comcast infrastructure.

Is there a way that you can change your Comcast IP address

You can force a change however by setting a different MAC address in your router which basically tells the Comcast DHCP servers they're seeing a different piece of hardware. If you're using a Comcast Gateway I don't think that option exists. You can also power down your equipment for an extended period and sometimes, depending on the length of time it's down, will force a new WAN IP.

It used to be like 7 days but not sure it takes that long anymore. And wanted to add if you use the MAC address option make sure to not just make something up. Use a MAC address of a piece of equipment you control.

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That certainly makes sense why it hasn't changed since I got my speed bump. I will be going on vacation in July for 10 days so I will power the modem down during that time and see what happens when I get back. Thanks folks, appreciate the quick answer late on a Sunday evening Why do you care? My purpose is to be able to log onto a simple network security camera if the dynamic IP address changes when I'm miles away. I know I could get someone to log onto my wireless router as a guest when I'm gone and tell me the IP but I'd rather not go that route. Just looking for unusual methods.

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USAFRet :. What tools does Comcast give you if you log into your account? There is a good reason they don't give that out over the phone. Alabalcho Titan. Jan 13, 11, 71, 2, A lot of routers and web cameras support DDNS.

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You must log in or register to reply here. Networking 7 Oct 30, Similar threads Question What gateway to buy? Post thread. PC Gaming. Had a little confusion. Is the router I am using is owned by Comcast or Xfinity? It times out.

Anyone else have this problem? Thanks for helping out.

The public (external) IP address.

I was stuck at the Xfinity login gateway. The post was useful. Can you please write about some of their latest models. Try hard resetting your router.


This will reset your router to the factory settings and the you can login witht he username: admin and password: password. To hard reset your router press the small button at the back of your router for 30 seconds. I cant seem to connect to Whats wrong with my modem? Thanks a lot!! I have changed the password of my web management interface while installing the modem first time. Now I forgot my password.

Try resetting your router to the default settings. This will reset the login username and password to the default ones.

IP address problem with Comcast Wireless Gateway

Then you can login into the router and change the password again!!! Press the small button at the back your router for 30 seconds. Wait for all the light to go down and then coming back up again. Once all the lights are up your router is reset to the default login! So, I went to log back in to my All I get is a loading screen forever. Try to login into different IP addresses like: Used Chrome and IE 11 both time out.

Also it blocks Clash of Clans with phones Galaxy S4 on wifi but not internet. I am guessing that you already know that there is a sticker on the bottom of the device with the IP address, UID and Password. If the default fails to get you in, then you need to reset the router back to factory defaults. To do that, disconnect all cables from the router. Ethernet, power, coax and USB. Can antoyone tell me how to seperate channels so I can select which channel I want to connect to.

Right now my gateway selects it automatically. Changing the wifi router to your desired channel, is itself a little bit technical and detailed. However, since the beginning, I cannot access the 5GHz wireless network on any of my wireless devices laptop, googletv, etc.. The page keeps trying to load but gives up after sometime. What could the issue be?